Production Equipment

Lante has over 500 sets of automatic equipment to manufacture prism, glass wafer, lens, high-precision molding product and coating etc. Such as the Hamai, Speedfam double-side lapping/polishing machine, ultra-high-precision mould process machine, glass molding equipment and OPTORUN , SHINCRON coating machine etc.

  • Mould Grinder

  • Mould Polisher

  • Mould Coater

  • Glass Molding Machine

  • Glass Molding Machine

  • Automatic Edging Machine

  • PCVD Coater

  • PCVD Coater

  • Sputter

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Line

  • Glass Molding Line

  • Double-side Polisher

  • Double-side Polishing Line

  • Automatic Edging Line

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